Beborn Beton

So here we are, finally, presenting you with the best album we will probably ever make. And for you out there, who waited so long for this to happen, we hope it is, in fact, a worthy compensation. Let the carousel begin!

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A Worthy Compensation

is a masterpiece of electronic pop - deep, timeless and melancholic with some well-dosed pathos.

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Standard Edition

1CD, 10 Tracks

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Complete Edition

2LP+2CD, 10 Tracks + 6 Remixes + 1 Coverversion

Full track: "Daisy Cutter"

The opener from "A Worthy Compensation".



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About Beborn Beton

Beborn Beton is a German synthpop band founded in 1989, with their first album release in 1993. The word Beborn has no particular meaning, while Beton is the German word for concrete, which according to the band refers to the urban environment they grew up in. Their current release 'A Worthy Compensation' is their 6th studio album. Beborn Beton played some hundred concerts in more than 11 countries worldwide.

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